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The research of a history of Cossacks has the old and kind traditions. However global Cossack research and process of revival Cossack traditions, which occur last time in Ukraine and in Russia they today also meet a line of serious obstacles. One of main barrier is information famine, which follows because of absence of ordered primary source studies of base, bibliographic directories, thematic indexes, inaccessibility of published materials etc.
In this connection a prime problem is: cataloguing and ordering published materials; a complete set of bank of the documents, maps; drawing up regular annotations of the indexes; realisation of scientific discussions, forums, conferences of the cossack-researchers of different countries etc.


The purpose of the given project: association and co-ordination of efforts in research of a history Cossacks in XV-XXІ cent. The creation of electronic primary source studies research base of a Ukrainian and Russian history of Cossacks in XV-XXІ cent. is supposed, personalities, creative heritage of the issued researchers of Cossacks by the ways:
  • Publication of the articles, reviews, messages, monographs, notices, personalities, most interesting documents and materials on the history of Cossacks, maps, illustration;
  • Drawing up of the thematic bibliographic list of sources and literature, which have been recently published in Ukraine, Russia, countries, where the given subject is studied;
  • Organisation of jointed WEB -conferences, forums and other forms of dissemination of information on given problematic.


Now authors of the project actively cooperate to the Institute of the Ukrainian Archeographical and Primary Source Studies of M. Hrushevskiy (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) Zaporizhzhya Branch , research laboratory of a history of Southern Ukraine of Zaporozhye state university (scientific chief - doktor of history scholarship A.V. Boyko) and editorial board of its printed body - "The Notes of research laboratory of a history of Southern Ukraine " . For achievement the object we can be united with other scientific creative groups, which problem is the study of the history of Cossacks.


    We invite experts and persons, who work actively in the field of the history of Cossacks to co-operation.


Languages of dialogue on a site are Ukrainian, Russian, English.


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